We strive to breed a more traditional Dobermann dog; one whose purpose was for personal protection while remaining a loyal family companion. We aim to maximize diversity while retaining health, temperament and type.
Crossbreeding is a taboo subject in the dog world, and it is not necessarily for everyone. We hold ourselves to the same standards that every ethical breeder should.

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Sadly the Dobermann is a breed with a long list of health issues and short lifespan. Multiple studies have shown the breed to be in short supply of diversity worldwide, and what little remains is not at all evenly distributed. 

Health testing should be one of the hallmarks of any ethical breeder, however we feel that the time for just health testing has passed. It is suspected that over 60% of Dobermans will be diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and that number is estimated to continue to rise. Along with Cancer, Wobblers, Copper Storage Disease, Vestibular Deafness and Hypothyroidism, the Doberman has no shortage of health issues. 

To try and mitigate these risks, we utilize cross breeding to bring in much needed diversity, then backcrossing back to the Doberman to return to type and temperament. The UC Davis Diversity Test is utilized to track and retain the introduced diversity to ensure little is lost while backcrossing. We also employ the standard Doberman health testing that should be performed. (Echo/Holter, Hips/Elbows, vWD etc.)

For more information on Doberman Health, please check out the DPCC or the DPCA.

We DO NOT support the breeding of Albino "White" Dobermans.


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